We got a 2010 Female Proven Breeder Orange Ghost (pictured in previous post) from an amazing guy named Chris. His name on Fauna Classifieds is Sanscera. He has quality animals and is worth checking out. 

We picked up a 2009 Virgin Breeder Size Normal (pictures soon) from a girl on craigslist today. She has almost full striping and will make a great addition to our collection.

We will be receiving an amazing 2013 Female Pastel Orange Ghost from TJL Exotics. She will come home to us in about a month after she sheds and has a few meals. (Credit for pictures 1-2 goes to TJL Exotics)  In the 2nd picture our girl is the 3rd to the right on the bottom row. 

In a couple weeks we will be receiving a 2013 Female Cinnamon Spider from Sloan Reptiles. I have been wanting a Cinnamon Spider for a while even though we already have both genes in our collection. When I saw this girl I couldn’t resist.  (Credit for the 4th picture goes to Sloan Reptiles) 

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