Where do you even get f/t AFS rats what

My best guess would be that you’d have to find a local breeder and see if they could give you some f/t ones.
But from what I’ve seen the people that breed them do it soley for picky ball pythons. Like REALLY picky where the notion of them eating f/t at all isn’t considered a possibility.

I’ve also heard they’re mean little buggers to keep.

But yeah, I’ve always found it weird that there aren’t more sources for them f/t…

This company sells them frozen in bulk. We have used this company in the past and their rodents are very clean. We have only had good experiences with them.

However, I agree with the person above. We bred ASFs for one of our very picky eaters and that was a horrible mistake. They are mean, they have a habit of eating each other, they chew through pretty much anything but glass enclosures, and it can be hard to get a snake to eat anything else after it is fed an ASF.


We have been wanting to add Vanilla to our collection for a long time now but we hadn’t come across one good enough. In 2013 we saw that Metal Monkey Exotics was pairing his amazing male Pastel Vanilla to his amazing female Vanilla. I immediately asked to be put on a waiting list for a baby from that pairing and here we are several months later… a 2014 male Pastel Super Vanilla will be coming home to us!

He is the one in the middle of the top photo. The rest of the photos are siblings and parents :) All photos belong to breeder.


Pairings 2014/2015

After doing a little planning, we think these will be the pairings for next season. Plans will probably change slightly because they always do but it is fun to plan ahead anyway  

  1. Banana X Cinnamon 
  2. Clown X Hypo
  3. Clown X Albino
  4. Fire Spider Het Hypo X Hypo Pinstripe Mojave
  5. Mojave Het Hypo X Hypo Mojave
  6. Calico, Spotnose, Fire Spider Het Hypo X Cinnamon 
  7. Fire Sugar X Pastel
  8. Banana X Pied
  9. Pastel Super Vanilla X Hypo
  10. Calico, Lesser, Black Pastel YB X Pastel Fire 
  11. Black Pastel YB, Fire Sugar X Spotnose
  12. Super Pastel Spider X Enchi #1
  13. Super Pastel Spider, Banana X Normal 
  14. Fire Spider Het Hypo X Pastel Hypo
  15. Black Pastel YB X YB
  16. RDR Lesser X Goldblush Mojave
  17. Clown X Axanthic
  18. Fire Sugar X Super Pastel Poss YB
  19. Super Pastel Spider X Pastel Axanthic

Final Count Clutch #1404

I suppose it is possible that the Lesser could have sired this clutch. I originally went with the Fire siring it because there were no Lessers but since the Dam was a Fire, that could account for the one Fire that hatched out. The odds were not in our favor for this one. We aren’t really disappointed though because the whole point was to shoot for a Super Fire or Lesser Fire in order to replace our single gene Fire but now we have two male Fire combos to replace him so it isn’t a big deal :) 

Clutch Outcome: 1.0 Fire, 5.1 Normal


August 22, 2014 - Today I am sharing my birthday with these little guys :) We got pretty bad odds on this clutch. So far there is one Fire and 3 Normals (all males). Pairing = Fire X Fire. There are 3 babies still in the egg.


This pretty boy marks our 8th new addition this week. It is so hard to resist pretty babies.

2014 Male Killerbee (Super Pastel Spider)

All photos belong to breeder.


2012 Female Pastel Axanthic

Produced by Ssnakes


Collection Update

Female Ball Pythons

  1. Normal X2
  2. Enchi X2
  3. Cinnamon X2
  4. Hypo X2
  5. Dinker Project
  6. Albino
  7. Axanthic
  8. Pied
  9. Spider
  10. Fire
  11. Pinstripe
  12. Pastel
  13. RDR Lesser (2nd Generation)
  14. Spotnose
  15. Yellowbelly
  16. Goldblush Mojave
  17. Pastel Fire
  18. Super Pastel Possible YB
  19. Hypo Mojave
  20. Hypo Spider
  21. Pastel Desert
  22. Pastel Axanthic
  23. Cinnamon Spider Possible YB
  24. Hypo Pastel
  25. Hypo Enchi
  26. Hypo Fire
  27. Savannah 50% PH Hypo
  28. Hypo Mojave Pinstripe

Male Ball Pythons

  1. Fire Sugar
  2. Fire Spider het Hypo
  3. Banana
  4. Clown
  5. RDR Lesser (1st Generation)
  6. Super Pastel
  7. Desert
  8. Mojave Het Hypo
  9. Calico
  10. Spotnose
  11. Hypo Cinnamon
  12. Black Pastel YB
  13. Killer Bee


  • 2011 Female Lipstick Sunglow
  • 2012 Female Motley
  • 2012 Male Motley 100% DH Albino Anery
  • 2013 Female “George Line” Jungle 50% PH Kahl
  • 2013 Female Motley 66% PH Leopard
  • 2013 Female Normal
  • 2014 Female Kahl Albino Motley


  1. (1.1) Crested Gecko
  2. (0.2) Bearded Dragon
  3. (0.1) Jungle Carpet Python
  4. (0.1) Children’s Python
  5. (0.1) 100% Het Hypo Hognose
  6. (1.0) Hypo Hognose


  1. Cat
  2. Tarantula
  3. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Our Male Fire Sugar came in the mail today and along with him was a birthday surprise for me! A Female Fire Spider :)

I don’t think any of our followers are near us but if you are, be sure to at least stop by and check it out! 

It has previously been a really small show and we are trying our best to get as much traffic as possible so they will continue to do shows here.

I don’t think any of our followers are near us but if you are, be sure to at least stop by and check it out!

It has previously been a really small show and we are trying our best to get as much traffic as possible so they will continue to do shows here.


7 grams of Children’s Python! Such a tiny baby!


Our new pair of Hognose! Female 100% Het Hypo (300g) and Male Hypo (87g).


Pied Piper our 2012 Female Piebald.

This girl will be making some Banana Het Pieds for us next season! After that she will be thrown into some double recessive projects.

Our pretty little Male Desert :)

Our pretty little Male Desert :)


Today, as soon as I woke up I was informed that this male Fire Sugar will be coming to live with us!

The photo on the left is pre shed (snake on the left). And the photo on the right is post second shed. He will be home as soon as weather allows. This means our Male Fire and Male Calico will most likely be for sale soon.

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