A big congrats to Crystel!   Her anery sand boa female from MK Morphs was bred to an anery male from Laura & John Berry and had her litter today.  15 healthy anery babies, no stills no slugs and mom looks good!

Such healthy babies! A female Anery sand boa that we sold had a litter! Contact crystelland if you are interested in purchasing one of these little worms!

Favorite non ball python! This is Noodle, our Children’s Python.

Looking into getting another soon and hopefully an Anthill Python or two at some point. If anyone knows of any Anthill breeders, I would appreciate the info.


Our two holdbacks shed today!

Female Hypo Cinnamon Spider
Male Hypo Pastel Cinnamon

Finally got all of the new racks in place. Now we just have to put back in everyone’s water bowl.

Finally got all of the new racks in place. Now we just have to put back in everyone’s water bowl.


Chris (C Serpents) was passing through town, on his way to a show so he met us at midnight last night so we could get a few racks from him :) He has the greatest customer service I have ever received.

We bought three sub adult racks and one shoebox rack so today is going to be a busy day reorganizing the reptile room and changing out thermostats.


Not the greatest photos but here are our two holdbacks from our hypo cinnamon X bumblebee het hypo pairing this season.

Female hypo cinnamon spider and what we are thinking is a male hypo pastel cinnamon.

We will know for sure if the male is hypo after a shed or two and if he is hypo, we will be replacing our hypo cinnamon with him. If he is not, he will be for sale after a few meals.

I will get better photos once they shed and eat.


Updated Ball Python Availability

2014 Female Fire - $100
2014 Male Fire - $100
2014 Female Savannah 50% PH Hypo X2 - $400
2013 Female Spider (very high white) - $100
2013 Female Pastel Desert (pet only) - $200
2013 Male Desert - $100
2012 Proven Breeder Male Fire - $150
2009 Proven Breeder Female Normal - $100
2009 Proven Breeder Female Fire - $400
2008 Proven Breeder Female Cinnamon - $400
(Age Unknown) Proven Breeder Female Normal - $100

Payment plans are offered, as well as group deals. Shoot us an email if you are interested in anything.


After several months of pondering, we have come to the conclusion that we are going to sell our small Crested Gecko collection. We can ship but it will have to wait a couple months until the weather is a little cooler. We prefer to sell locally so if you are local we can offer you slightly better pricing.

Our collection includes

  • Unsexed Baby Flame ($100)
  • Unsexed Baby Pinstripe ($100)
  • Sub Adult Male Pinstripe ($100)
  • Sub Adult Male Tricolor Harlequin ($250)
  • Adult Male Yellow ($200)
  • Sub Adult Female Tricolor Harlequin ($500)

If you would like to take the group as a whole, I can offer a group price of $800 plus shipping. I also might consider trades/partial trades for Hognose Morphs.

Note that these are older pictures. The geckos have grown quite a bit since these were taken. If anyone is seriously interested I can get updated weights and photos.


We paired this Bumblebee Het Hypo to our Hypo Cinnamon but sold her before she laid because she is a picky eater. We got desperate at one point and fed her ASFs and she put on quite a bit of weight. She was eating ASFs consistently and was over 1500g when we started pairing her. While breeding, she lost a few hundred grams so we stopped pairing her. We sold her to a friend that has better access to ASFs than we do.

The day after we delivered her, she had her pre lay shed. A couple weeks later she popped out 5 healthy eggs. The agreement with our friend is that we get half the babies (splitting by value).

She face timed us two days ago and cut the eggs. It looks like there are 4 multiple gene animals and 1 single gene.

Hypo Cinnamon Spider
Hypo Pastel Cinnamon
Hypo Spider
Cinnamon Spider

We will find out for sure if that is the final count when they are all out of the egg. So far the only one out is the Cinnamon, which happens to be female.


We have been wanting to add Vanilla to our collection for a long time now but we hadn’t come across one good enough. In 2013 we saw that Metal Monkey Exotics was pairing his amazing male Pastel Vanilla to his amazing female Vanilla. I immediately asked to be put on a waiting list for a baby from that pairing and here we are several months later… a 2014 male Pastel Super Vanilla will be coming home to us!

He is the one in the middle of the top photo. The rest of the photos are siblings and parents :) All photos belong to breeder.


Pairings 2014/2015

After doing a little planning, we think these will be the pairings for next season. Plans will probably change slightly because they always do but it is fun to plan ahead anyway  

  1. Banana X Cinnamon 
  2. Clown X Hypo
  3. Clown X Albino
  4. Fire Spider Het Hypo X Hypo Pinstripe Mojave
  5. Mojave Het Hypo X Hypo Mojave
  6. Calico, Spotnose, Fire Spider Het Hypo X Cinnamon 
  7. Fire Sugar X Pastel
  8. Banana X Pied
  9. Pastel Super Vanilla X Hypo
  10. Calico, Lesser, Black Pastel YB X Pastel Fire 
  11. Black Pastel YB, Fire Sugar X Spotnose
  12. Super Pastel Spider X Enchi #1
  13. Super Pastel Spider, Banana X Normal 
  14. Fire Spider Het Hypo X Pastel Hypo
  15. Black Pastel YB X YB
  16. RDR Lesser X Goldblush Mojave
  17. Clown X Axanthic
  18. Fire Sugar X Super Pastel Poss YB
  19. Super Pastel Spider X Pastel Axanthic

Final Count Clutch #1404

I suppose it is possible that the Lesser could have sired this clutch. I originally went with the Fire siring it because there were no Lessers but since the Dam was a Fire, that could account for the one Fire that hatched out. The odds were not in our favor for this one. We aren’t really disappointed though because the whole point was to shoot for a Super Fire or Lesser Fire in order to replace our single gene Fire but now we have two male Fire combos to replace him so it isn’t a big deal :) 

Clutch Outcome: 1.0 Fire, 5.1 Normal


August 22, 2014 - Today I am sharing my birthday with these little guys :) We got pretty bad odds on this clutch. So far there is one Fire and 3 Normals (all males). Pairing = Fire X Fire. There are 3 babies still in the egg.


This pretty boy marks our 8th new addition this week. It is so hard to resist pretty babies.

2014 Male Killerbee (Super Pastel Spider)

All photos belong to breeder.


2012 Female Pastel Axanthic

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